What can I suggest as an activity for the event.


1. Wine art master class

In this master class, we draw whatever we want using red wine. I am not a supporter of the rules in the creative process, so I give the participants only basic skills and the will to be creative.


2. Live drawing of portraits.

During any event, I can draw portraits of participants in the celebration in real time. Such portraits come out quickly in the form of sketches. Each live portrait takes about 20-25 minutes, while a full portrait takes me much more hours.


3. Opening companies, shops, restaurants, etc.

I can create a company logo with wine in real time on large format paper.


4. All this can be mixed, for example:

- Create a logo + Live portraits

- Creation of a logo + Art master class

- Master class + Live portraits


And also all this can be accompanied by an exhibition of my works, wine paintings and other paintings of mine.